Trend Report | Spring 2019

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As a stylist, it's imperative for me to research and stay in-the-know about the latest fashion news, color palettes, dos and donts, and more importantly current as well as future fashion trends. With the onset of Spring, it's my style duty to lace you with a few of the major Spring fashion trends. Whether you incorporate one or all, you're guaranteed to be in style and on trend with these head turners.

Blazers + Biker Shorts

My fave! The chic-est mix of dressy and casual. Get totally trendy by pairing this look with dad sneakers.

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Wild Prints -- Clashed!

When in doubt, wear it. It's always the outfit pairings you second guess that stand out best. And clashing patterns are all the rage.

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Image courtesy of Tibi


Makes you think of lights and gas, right?! J/k. But this style definitely promotes happiness for all. Chic comfort is every woman's fantasy. Let's argue.

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Lavender Tones

The color of the season!

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Colored Tartan

Plaid has taken over and it's not leaving anytime soon. Matching complimentary colored plaid is so aesthetically pleasing to the fashion seeking eye.

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Bucket Hats

No cap! Bucket hats are back. Dressed up or relaxed. Period.

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Miniature Handbags

Statement bags are shrinking, literally. It's cool though, it looks so bomb and it stops me from stuffing my oversized handbags with useless items.

Styled by The Style Guru

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