My #1 Style Secret

Are you sitting down? I just want to make sure you are ready to receive this coveted tea. It’s key to elevating your style. It makes you look polished and expensive. It makes your clothes feel loved and truly made for you.

Ready for it?

A tailor! If you thought it was hard to find a man, try finding an amazing tailor, sis. Love at first sight! My tailor and I are inseparable. He transforms my saggy, ill-fitting clothing into something magical. No gapping pants that show my vickie secrets. No jeans ripped at the hem from dragging across the concrete. Instead, perfect fitting garments that hug every single curve (or bulge) because they were purposely made or altered to fit me. I have come up with five reasons to convince the masses to find a tailor, STAT.

Custom Fit

*Thrifted men's Levi denim altered to fit waist.
Majority of clothes you buy off the rack will not fit you properly. Ever find yourself frustrated because size 4 is too tight but the 6 just won’t cut it? Always buy the bigger size and head straight to your new found style bestie. He/she will nip and tuck that thang leaving you shook. A great tailor can also add and/or remove buttons, pockets, and zippers. If you have the vision, a tailor can create.

Motivation to Maintain Weight Loss

Now, you have finally listened to the advice and spent all of your coins revamping your entire wardrobe. I don’t know about you but that’s enough to keep me in check and maintain my weight. Losing weight? Just get additional alterations. Gaining weight? Tailors aren’t magicians, nah.

Emergency Repairs

Everybody isn’t fully equipped to get out needle and thread for emergency fixes. Not for the seam that just busted at the zipper on the dress you need for tomorrow night’s gala. Whelp, if you had a tailor, you could just hit ‘em up and get put back together. Rather quickly at that and just in time to slay, effortlessly. 

Garment Revival

Wait! Don’t toss your fave leather jacket out just yet. Take it to the tailor. Let ‘em revive and renew that thang. Keep this in mind when it comes to all your old jeans, shirts, and jackets. You could squeeze a few more slays out of it 😉


Bottomline is, a good tailor knows what they are doing. They are the expert. They have studied and perfected their craft. Tailors can work with every body shape. They know how your beloved garments are supposed to look and fit. So, let them do their job!


Now, go! Find your tailor. Google, Yelp, or by referral. Once you find your match, you will see the difference it will make in your overall appearance.

Just thank me later,


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I know a great tailor on 10mile and greenfield in that plaza that’s amazing if u wanna past the info!!!


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