Keys to Wearing All White

Keys to Wearing All White

Summer is here and it’s HOT! But with this toasty season comes party invites galore. And almost everyone seems to have an all white themed shindig…everyone. I have attended my fair share of white parties and I want to share a few tips that I wish I could announce on a megaphone in the middle of the friggin’ party…

  • Nude Undergarments

YOUR nude. Meaning your skin tone. Despite what ancient folktales have been passed on, black does not belong under white clothing. We can see all of it and the lace, too. Speaking of lace, opt for a flat lace if you insist on lace at all.
  • Shapewear

Not that we don’t love all of ourselves, flaws and all. But shapewear neatly pulls everything together and smooths out every lump and bump that white accentuates. Remember, white broadens and black slims. 

  • Shades of White

Be aware of matching shades of white (ex., white, arctic white, ivory, cream, off-white, etc.). Unless you are purposely and stylishly serving a whole monotonal look, then by all means go ‘head with yo bad self. Otherwise, be conscious of color descriptions on garment tags and compare pieces under a bright light, both natural and artificial. 

  • Stain Free 

When getting dressed use a scarf or an old t-shirt to freely lay over your hair and face before pulling white garments on. This will prevent hairspray, grease, and makeup from staining your dope outfit.
  • Have Fun! 

Wearing all white is like a blank canva. Show your personality by adding texture and accessories.


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