How To Find Your Signature Style

How To Find Your Signature Style


No matter what people say, what you wear is vital. Discovering your style helps to identify your personality which ultimately allows you to freely be YOU. It is your first impression without saying a word. And let’s face it, every day isn’t peachy keen and the show must go on. Dressing your best will influence your mood for the day. Check out these tips on how to identify your signature style.

Create a vision board/collage of style inspiration. Study the trends, styles, and silhouettes that you are drawn to. After identifying those elements, be intentional about incorporating those into your wardrobe. Pinterest is my inspo haven. I always create style boards and separate them based on different aspects of my lifestyle—work, date night, gym, vacation, etc.

Detox your closet and dress for your real life. Avoid creating a glorified storage space filled with pieces you never wear, i.e. your closet. If you haven’t worn it in six months, you most likely never will.

Develop a signature color palette. Know what hues and shades work best with your eyes, hair, and skin tone. Master that, then add texture. Don’t feel obligated to own every color of the rainbow. Some things just don’t work. 

Know your go-to outfits. For instance,  my signature look is a high-waist skinny pant and white t-shirt, topped with a moto jacket. With this formula in place, I will change the variants to create  a totally new look. I may do a trench coat instead of a moto jacket. A skirt instead of pants. Or a blouse instead of a tee. The list goes on and on. And at this point, we haven’t even addressed shoes yet! 

Shop smarter and be intentional. Do your research before shopping trips and prepare a list. It’s just like going to the grocery store without a list on an empty stomach. You will find yourself at home with random snacks but no ingredients to make a complete meal. Being prepared saves time and money. When you know better, you do better.

Play dress up! Get in your closet and curate looks. Pay attention to what compliments your shape and makes you feel like a million bucks. Take note. If your memory is anything like mine, you will thank me. I use the notes app in my phone. This avoids the whole nothing-to-wear debacle and the pile of clothes on your bed you so desperately scoured through to complete a look for the day.

Keep in mind: You are always evolving and that means your style is too. Assess your wardrobe periodically and adjust accordingly as needed. But rule #1, always be true to who you are.

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Great information!! I’m always in closet screaming I have nothing to wear or I’m always saying I wore that last time. I definitely need to detox my closet!


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