Debunking the Myth: Personal Stylists are for Celebrities

Debunking the Myth: Personal Stylists are for Celebrities

8 Reasons to Hire a Personal Stylist

Last week, in the midst of casual conversation, my colleague made a statement that was quite alarming. It was expressed that he solely associates personal and wardrobe stylists with celebrities and expensive designer brands. Blasphemy! After nearly losing consciousness, I knew it would be fashion malpractice if I did not attempt to debunk this myth.

As a stylist, my ultimate goal is to help each client identify their personal style, maximize their wardrobe, and encourage smarter shopping regardless of the budget and/or brand. After all, style is not about the money spent, it’s about embracing individuality and a few fashion principles—hmm, that could be another blog topic! 

Anywho, I have come up with 8 Reasons to Hire a Personal Stylist and why you should stop thinking that we are just for the rich, rich. Take a look…

1. Amp Up Your Style
Stylists encourage you to step outside the box—or in this case, your closet—with styles and trends you may have otherwise not considered. We have a creatively, trained eye when it comes to styles and how to pair garments you may typically overlook. Let’s work and slay some head turning looks!
2. Maximize Your Wardrobe
So many clothes and absolutely nothing to wear? Sometimes all it takes is a fresh, keen eye to step in and create new looks out of what you consider “old”. Have you seen my style videos on IG? Shameless plug. But it shows how to wear one piece several different ways, making the most of your coins.
3. Create Your Desired Image
Sometimes you envision a certain look but it’s not executed as well as you thought. Don’t get discouraged. With your inspiration, a stylist can bring your vision to life with unique pairings that reflect your personality and the image you want to share with the world.
4. Acquire the Perfect Fit
Get advice from an expert that knows how to style according to your body type. If you want to acquire an “expensive look”, the key is fit. Ill-fitting clothes can ruin an outfit. My worst nightmare.
5. Wardrobe Planning
Excited about that upcoming vacay or special event? The last thing you want to worry about is what to wear and the tasks that come along with it. Lucky for you, that is a stylist’s passion—curating looks personalized just for you. So, let that worry go and enjoy the moment. Try the ‘Personal Style Experience’ for your next event.
6. Style Emergency
Do. Not. Panic. Call your stylist to save the day, or night. A stylist is built for this state of emergency and typically has a network of resources to solve any fashion scare or faux pas. 
7. Inside Scoop
Get up-to-date info on the latest trends, designers, stores, and sales—yes, I said sales! This allows you to create a plan for smarter shopping and most importantly, saving money. Book the ‘Virtual Style Teaser’ to discuss trends, shopping guidelines, or your most pressing fashion questions and concerns.
8. Save Time & Money
Stylists are more affordable and time-saving than you think, especially for busy professionals and entrepreneurs that have the desire to be stylish and on trend. You will find some stylist fees are hourly based while others offer daily or package rates. You may be able to negotiate pricing if you require styling services on retainer or an ongoing basis. The time saved from sifting through racks and traveling to multiple stores creating full looks is invaluable. And who doesn’t need more time in a day?? BONUS: Inquire with your tax consultant, in some cases stylist fees can be written off come tax time. It’s worth checking out…
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